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Suit Up: How to Dress Like Harvey Specter


If you’re a fan of the hit TV show “Suits,” chances are you’ve wondered how you can dress like
Harvey Specter. His impeccably tailored wardrobe is a modern, stylish version of the 1980’s
power suit. Even before he’s opened his mouth to utter one of his trademark lines, his suit
speaks for him. It says: he’s the boss.

As he tells his younger protege Mike Ross when he asks why he needs to spend money on
suits, “People respond to how we’re dressed, so like it or not this is what you have to do.”
Clothes may not make the man, but they certainly make for a great first impression. Mike Ross’
skinny ties may be mod and fashionable, but they don’t convey a sense of authority.
And that’s exactly what Harvey’s look is all about. Hoodies and flip-flops may work for the Mark
Zuckerbergs of the world, but for those of us who prefer not to look like perennial college
students, a classic suit is a much better way to command respect.

Here’s how you can emulate his look:

Three-piece is the charm:

Dressing like Harvey Specter is impossible without a good three-piece suit – a jacket, trousers
and a vest. It’s his best look, and basically his only look. Don’t get stuck thinking that three-
piece suits are too formal or only for special occasions. Three-piece suits can work as everyday
office wear and send the message that you’re not afraid to make a statement.

Feeling blue

Harvey’s signature look is navy blue pinstripes, a classic choice that’s making a comeback.
While you shouldn’t fear looking too formal, a black three-piece suit can look more somber than
you might like.

The devil’s in the details

Not all three-piece suits are created equal. To truly dress like Harvey Specter, you’ve got to get
the details right:

  • Custom tailoring: Nothing sets a well-made suit apart from a cheap suit more than
    tailoring. Make sure your suit fits you perfectly.
  • Wide lapels, for that updated power suit look
  • A classic Windsor-knotted tie
  • A jacket with flap pockets and double vents
  • A spread collar shirt with French cuffs. After all, you can’t have cufflinks without real
    French cuffs. Which brings us to...
  • The finishing accessories: cufflinks and a pocket square

Now you know how to dress like Harvey Specter. We can’t guarantee you’ll be as awesome as
Harvey, but at least you’ll look the part.

Men don’t want off-the-rack, either

It is a well known fact that women have different body types, and often have to bring store-
bought gowns, dresses, or suits to a tailor in order to have the perfect fit. Why should it be any
different for us men? Nowadays more men’s suit designers are offering bespoke services,
custom made suits that will fit the buyer’s physique and look exactly as he wants. And why
shouldn’t it? Even the nicest off-the-rack suits seldom fit perfectly. If you are already spending
hundreds or even thousands on a new suit, that last thing you want to do is go spend a few
hundred more for alterations.

If you can afford it, bespoke suits are the way to go. Not only will you leave with a suit that fits
perfectly, there is something uplifting and compelling about owning a wardrobe staple that was
made specifically for you. Your body type, your personality, your swagger. And who says a suit
has to be black, brown, blue, grey, or pinstripe? How about crushed velvet? Or even plaid, if
that’s what “suits” you? We know how a custom suit can make a man feel. It instills confidence
and pride, wearing something that no one else could wear but you.

Just like women want to feel beautiful in the gowns they have tailored for their every curve,
we know men want the same in their suits, and that’s a difficult feeling to attain when you’re
wearing ill-fitting jacket and slacks that have been tried on by dozens of other men.

The new millennium has brought about the metrosexual--a heterosexual man who bucks the
stereotypes and indulges in fashion and aesthetics. We work with you until you have a finished
product that fits you perfectly-- from your physique to your personality, to the way you carry
yourself. Men don’t just want a suit that fits, they want a suit that makes them feel special,
powerful. When a suit fits you and only you, from the jacket length to the inseam, your natural
confidence abounds, and others will see it. In our tailor made creations that are made for you
and you alone, you wear the suit, the suit doesn’t wear you.


Suit fit

Suit fit jacket


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