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 Why buy bespoke suits


Every man needs at least one chic, perfectly fitting high-end suit. You'll get these elements
only with a custom made suit, as you get to choose the style, fabric, and more importantly,
the design that is made specifically for you.

Does a bespoke suit makes a difference?
It is amazing the difference a bespoke suit make

  • Giving off the right signals: A beautiful tailored suit shows a more sophisticated,
    professional attitude towards business; an attention to details that clients will notice.
  • Confidence: In a bespoke suit you will come across as much more self-assured than
    someone who is not sure if they look right. Your body-language will change as well.
    You will become more confident.
  • Improved Performance: From the feedback we've had from our corporate clients,
    people have displayed an overall improvement in performance in the workplace, often
    showing a new found pride not just in their appearance but also in their work as a whole.
  • Corporate Incentives: A bespoke suit is undoubtedly a fantastic incentive for just
    about anyone.

 Before you buy a suit from the store or any Custom Tailor, we ask that you look at the
 following 4 point check list to ensure you make all the right choices when buying a suit:

 -Do you deserve a custom made suit and can you afford it?
 If the answer to both these question is "Yes"! Read on.

 -Are you dealing with a reputable tailor?
 Ask your tailor how long they have been in town. If they've been in town only for a few
 months, watch out!

 -Specify what you want. Can the tailor make exactly what you want?
 The tailor should be able to recommend what is best for you. A custom suit should be made
 in a style and color that suits you and to your specifications. Ask for working button-holes,
 hand stitched lapels, back or side slits, inside pockets to your needs, lining and fabric
 quality of your choice etc. If a tailor cannot make you a unique suit that is truly yours,
 watch out!

 -Are you getting the best deal in town?
 At Instyle Fasion, the answer is "YES" to all these questions.

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