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 Instyle Custom Tailors Fashion tips

  General Tips :
  Women’s Fashion tips

Guidelines to a proper fitting suit

  Clothing care :  

More than meets the eye

Have you ever wondered how mini mie from Austin Powers 2 comes off looking so great despite
his short and stocky frame? For starters, the designer suit he wears surely helps him look the
part. But the main reason why he looks so good, in fact, is because he knows what to wear
and how to wear it.

The same principle applies to extremely tall men like Shaquille O’neal; he needs to be careful
and pick garments that don’t make him look lanky. So, whether you’re extremely short or tall,
these fashion tips can help you look better with the help of illusion.

Platforms of thick soles aren’t necessary the best way to make short men look taller. Actually,
they can make you look like you’re insecure and uncomfortable with your smaller body
structure. Instead of taking the time to learn how to walkwith high heels as a result of adding
an inch or two, just follow these simple tips. Hopefully, these tips can help you look, and more
importantly, feel better. Who knows once you start noticing the difference, you might even
start following fashion trends a little more.
Please feel free to email us any tips that I haven't listed and I will add them to the list.


Tips for short men:

  • Having a simple wardrobe avoids you from standing out in a crowd.
  • Whether it's a jacket, a sports jacket, a shirt, or a pair of pants, avoid designs and
    patterns because they break up your outfit's vertical lines that make you look taller.
  • Any kind of vertical lines in suits, shirts and pants will help extend the facade of your
    shorter body.
  • Wearing a uniform top & bottom will also make your body look longer. For example, if
    you're wearing blue jeans, wearing a similar blue shirt will make you look taller.
  • Clothes need to fit perfectly; wearing something tight or loose will emphasize your
    physical flaws.
  • Jackets and blazers should fall slightly below your buttock.
  • Avoid wearing blazers with more than 3 buttons; these are designed for taller men and
    will make you look shorter
  • Don't wear your pants too high. Wear them just above your hips for maximum results.
  • Purchase pants with low rise (short distance between the crotch of your pants and the
    top of the waistband).
  • Avoid any kind of puckering around the hips caused by full pockets, or tight and badly
    designed pants. They will make you look wider.
  • Make sure your pants break just above your shoes so your socks won't show.
  • "V" neck T-shirts and sweaters will also make your torso look longer.
  • Avoid tucking in baggy tops because they will make you look like an ice cude (wide and


Tips for Tall men:

Why would tall guys actually complain? Surprisingly, very tall men have a hard time finding
things that fit well. Also, when they aren’t properly dressed, they often appear clumsy and
awkward. Therefore, to avoid looking gawky, read these simple tips and spruce up your
personal style.

  • Avoid wearing very fitted suits and jackets, because you don't want to advertise stick
    thin arms and legs.
  • Make sure your top fits comfortably around your chest and shoulders.
  • Steer clear of baggy clothing; flapping fabric is very unattractive.
  • Your pants should be worn over your hips. Also, be sure to wear high - rise pants
    (a longer distance between the crotch of your pants and the top of your waist band).
  • Opt for horizontal lines with glen plaids to help you look a little meatier. Minimize vertical
    lines as they accentuate your height.
  • Make sure you trousers fall freely on your shoes and avoid revealing your socks.
  • To avoid looking like a lollipop, don't wear blazers or jackets with big shoulder pads.


 Tips for Thin men

 Often it’s hard to find clothes that fit and complement thinner bodies. The most efficient way
 is to join the gym and eat more food that will add muscle mass to a bony body. But in reality,
 it’s not always that easy and many men are destined to remain skinny. So the next best
 thing is to just work around heredity.

  • To make your upper body look more muscular, wear small shoulder pads in your blazers,
    jackets and sports jackets.
  • Make sure most of your tops don't mold your waist line. Instead, look for garments
    with a bit of contour to add more volume to your midsection.
  • Whether you wear single or double - breasted blazers, make sure to adjust them so
    they fit properly throughout your entire body. Avoid any loose ends under the arms or }
  • in the shoulder area.
  • Make sure all your jackets fall right under your buttocks. A shorter jacket will
    emphasize your height. A longer jacket, on the other hand, can make you look like a
    blanket - covered stick (not very appealing, especially when it's windy).
  • Your pants should have a classic & simple cut. Don't be afraid to wear striped or checked
    pants because these add volume. So do pleats and cuffs. (They are back in style
    according to Prada and Gucci).
  • Well - fitted corduroy pants can also yield the "beefed-up" legs look.
  • Make sure your trousers hang freely and break right above your shoes.
    Your socks shouldn't show at any time.
  • Try wearing sweaters with more adjusted collars; v-neck and open collars can expose
    your neck and thin features.


Tips for overweight men:

The easiest way to fit in and look great when you’re overweight is to lose weight with the help
of a exercise and diet. Not only will your clothes fall better, but it will boost your confidence,
your motivation to dress and look better. Until you take the initiative to lose weight, here are
some simple fashion tips that can help you look slimmer.

  • Clothes must fit perfectly. Loose clothing makes you look even bigger while tight clothes
    give away curves that you don't want exposed.
  • Avoid any blazer or jacket with sloped shoulders because these tend to attract the eye
    down to your mid-section.
  • Jackets should be well adjusted around your waist area and should fall right below your
  • Vertical lines help elongate your look optically. That, in turn will help you appear thinner.
  • Avoid letting your belly stick out over your pants; this lengthens your torso and shortens
    your legs, resulting in a very unattractive combination.
  • Consider wearing suspenders instead of a belt to minimize attention to your waistline.
  • Empty unnecessary items from your pockets; overstuffed pockets also call attention to
    your mid section.
  • "V" necks are a great way to camouflage double chin, as they draw attention away from
    your neck and more towards your chest area.


Instyle Fashion’s  Tips for women

Always go bespoke if you can - you are not just buying your choice of fabric and style, but an
expert is designing a suit that is the most flattering for your body-shape.

Avoid dark pinstripes - as they are too masculine, but light pins are definitely in! They're funky,
fun and tell the guys at work that you give as good as you get. But avoid if you're conscious of
your curves - the lines hide nothing. If in doubt go for plain, dark block colours.

Slimming tip - avoid a peak collar (where the collar sticks out) - they widen the chest and

Sleeve length - should be between the break of the wrist and the knuckle. Any shorter looks
too masculine. Any longer and your heading for gorilla territory!

Fitting tip - make sure you wear the bra and heels you would usually wear for work.


Guidelines to a proper fitting  suit:

  • The Fit of Your Trousers
    Make sure that the waistline of your trousers is comfortable and that you can stick two
    fingers into the waist while you're wearing them. And as far as pleats are concerned,
    it's usually a personal preference.
  • The Hem on Your Trouser
    Nothing says sloppy more than a pile of fabric at your ankle. Your pants should reach
    your shoes and have a slight break. Cuffed or uncuffed is your choice, but keep in mind
    that cuffless makes you look taller if you happen to be a little shorter and cuffs looks
    better on someone with long legs. Cuffs also appeal to a more mature consumer.
  • The Length of Your Sleeves
    Make sure your sleeve length is right on, otherwise you will look like you borrowed
    someone else’s suit. If the sleeve covers your shirt cuff, it is too long. It should just
    reach the base of your thumb, revealing a half inch to an inch of your shirt cuff—very
  • The General Fit of Your Suit
    When it is all said and done, you should be able to stretch and bend easily in your suit.
    Make sure that you have free movement of your arms. As a test, bring your arms out
    straight in front of you, and also try sitting in a chair and pretend you are working.
    You should always feel comfortable.
  • How many buttons should be done up on a suit jacket?
    The rule of thumb is that at least one button should always be left undone.
    So on a 3-button suit, generally the top 2 buttons are done up or you can just button
    the middle one on its own. Never button the 3rd button. On a 2-button suit you only
    do up the top one. However, in both cases the jacket can be worn open with no
    buttoning whatsoever. This will show off your tie, shirt and belt and presumably give
    your buttons less to worry about.


General Clothing Care Tips and Guidelines

Instyle Fashion  recommends:

  • Contrary to popular opinion a suit can be packed in a case for travelling, if suitable care
    is taken with folding.
  • Turn the suit coat inside out and reverse one of the armholes so that it fits into the
  • Stuff the suit with tissue paper before packing.
  • Fold the trousers at the knee, and again protect the fold with tissue paper.
  • If packed correctly, and hung properly as soon as possible after arrival, your suit should
    be ready to wear within 24 hours.
  • If badly creased, suits can be hung in the bathroom and steam generated by turning
    on the bath or shower. This will help the creases fall out.
  • Always invest in a top quality suitcase, and/or suit pack.


Instyle Fashion recommends:

  • Ideally a suit should be worn only once a week. Time is needed for the natural fibres to
    rejuvenate and recover after wearing in order to prolong its life.
  • Lift the suit trouser at the knee when sitting to avoid stretching.
  • Don't stuff pockets full of coins, wallets, keys etc. If you are prone to do this ask your
    tailor to strengthen the pockets when ordering your suit. He will then use stronger
  • Always remove all objects from pockets before hanging up or storing, otherwise they
    could end up bulging or sagging.
  • Always hang your suits on a good quality hanger. Wooden hangers are ideal.
  • It is a matter of preference whether trousers are hung on a non-slip cross- bar, or to
    prevent marking, by clips on the inside of the cuffs. Hanging this way exploits gravity as
    the weight of the waistband gently weighs down the trousers to restore shape and
    allows the creases to drop out.
  • Hang in a fresh, cool place with plenty of air space to allow the material to breath and
    the creases drop out of your clothes.
  • An anti moth strip in your wardrobe is important.
  • Dust and dirt can dull the appearance of fine fabrics. To remove traces of dust or dirt,
    regularly brush lightly downwards with a good quality clothes brush.
  • Avoid regular dry cleaning as the chemicals used in the process take a toll of the natural
    properties of the material, so reducing the life of the suit.
  • If planning to store a suit for an extended period, ensure it is clean so bugs don't take
    advantage of microscopic food particles and other stains.
  • For storing, a canvas suit bag is much preferred to a plastic one
  • Avoid hanging a jacket, or any heavier garments, by the neck or on a coat rack or hook.
  • Never store a jacket or any garments in the protective plastic bag. Plastic bags are
    meant for getting your garments from the drycleaner to your home only, never for
    storage. Leaving garments in the plastic bags promotes light damage and mildew,
    and can dry out leather and suede.
  • Brush your clothes regularly and thoroughly. Napped fabrics, such as flannel, will perk up
    after a light once-over with a clothes brush, and a shot of steam will remove wrinkles
    quickly and effectively. Stores often use steamers to freshen clothes after they've been
    tried on.
  • Dry rain-soaked or damp garments thoroughly in a cool, well ventilated place before
    hanging in the closet.
  • Care for your clothes regularly, and unless you have a spill, you should only have to dry
    clean them once, at the end of the season -- a real benefit since dry cleaning is so
  • Exposure to air, heat and light sets stains and can make their removal impossible.
    Treat any stains immediately to keep them from becoming permanent. Another good
    reason to get items cleaned before storage. Click here for Stain Removal tips.



Making your suits last longer?


The life span of a suit depends on three main factors:

One: The number of suits you own

This is one of the biggest factors that affects the durability of the suit. If we assume you have
to wear a suit 5 days a week, and if you only own three suits, two of them are going to be
worn twice every week, assuming you're rotating them correctly. In addition if only one of
those suits is light enough to be worn in the hottest summer months, you are going to end up
wearing it every day for up to 2 months.

This can mean that the suit is worn out after one summer.

Ideally anyone who wears a suit 5 times a week should have at least seven suits: 1 winter
weight for those 'below zero' days, 4 year-round medium weights that will be worn the
majority of the time and 2 summer weight suits that can be rotated during July and August.

Anyone who flies to hot countries extensively on business will need more than 2 lightweight

One way of improving durability without buying so many suits is to buy an extra pair of
trousers. Typically the trousers will tend to wear out first as the jacket is often removed at
work.If the trousers are rotated then the suit will last longer.


Two: Where and how often you have them cleaned

Suits do not benefit from being cleaned and it does shorten their life. As a result they should be
cleaned as seldom as possible.

Dry cleaning can seriously affect the life of a suit; therefore, if the suit is to last, it must be
done properly.

High Street dry cleaners will clean your suit with other garments that could include riveted
jeans, studded leather jackets etc. that can damage the fabric. The suit may also suffer if
pressed at too high a temperature.

To ensure your suit is dry cleaned carefully we would recommend specialized dry cleaners.
Staffs in these establishments are well trained and know how to handle and press a suit


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