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 Welcome To Instyle Fashion Tailor : Materials And Fabrics



: Vicuna : Cashmere : Wool : Merino Wool : Tweed : Flannel : Worsted :

: Cotton : Thai Silk : Linen :

Instyle Fashion offers wide international range of fabrics, primarily sourced from Italian and
British suppliers. From the world's oldest and most esteemed woolen houses comes cloth in an
infinite variety of colors, patterns and textures; ranging from luxury vicuna, cashmere, silks,
" cottons and linens to super-fine ultra lightweight Australian Merino wool in flannels,
worsteds, twills, tweeds and cords.

Body and sleeve linings can also be customized to your requirements in Bamberg twill, satin or
silk, and range from the subtle to the slightly less than subtle depending on individual taste.

Amongst the choice of linings are a range of brightly colored pure silk linings for jackets and
coats featuring the  Instyle logo. Woven in Milan these linings come in a range of colors
including hot pink, yellow, orange, avocado and purple.

Cloth Types :


Vicuna is reputed to be the world's most luxurious natural fiber. With each thread less than
half the diameter of the finest sheep's wool Vicuna is prized for it's incredible quality and

The vicuna is a member of the camelid family and is closely related to the llama. A native of the
South American Andes, it lives at altitudes of 12,000 to 18,000 feet where conditions are
extreme. Each animal yields only an average of one-quarter pound of hair each season.



Cashmere is extremely fine with an ultra soft touch. Its use as a luxury fibre can be traced
back as far as Roman times, and we know that by the 15th century more than 50,000 people
were employed in India in the processing of cashmere.

The name comes from Kashmir, the natural and mountainous region on the Indian sub
continent. Cashmere consists of the fine under hair of the Asiatic Falconer goat that lives and
breeds in China, Mongolia, Afghanistan and Iran. Each goat is combed by hand in the spring
when they are shedding the fine under hair that protected them during the bitterly cold winter
at altitudes exceeding 5,000 meters.


Wool is the fiber derived from the fur of animals of the Caprinae family, principally sheep, but
the hair of certain species of other mammals such as goats, llamas and rabbits may also be
called wool.

Australia is the world’s largest producer of wool accounting for approximately 30% of global

There are many types of wool but all have a number of features that make it particularly
suitable for clothing:

  • 100% natural
  • Comfortable to wear in any climate because it breathes
  • Good to tailor and keeps its shape
  • Natural crimp-like spring gives clothes beautiful drape and incredible crease resistance
  • Durable and strong, it will last for years as the interlocking protein molecules in wool
    fibres have the power to elongate, stretch and recover
  • Natural elasticity means garments yield to body movement
  • Comes in a wide variety of textures, weaves and weights
  • Easy to dye as the dye becomes part of the wool fibre
  • Stays cleaner longer because it resists stains

Merino Wool

Pure Merino wool is fine, silky and super soft by nature. It is the finest quality of commercial
wool available, with fibers ranging in diameter from the equivalent of top quality cotton to that
of silk, and is technically more complex than synthetics. Merino wool is extremely comfortable
to wear when used in woven fabrics, which are available in a variety of weights.



Tweed is a rough, unfinished woolen fabric, of a soft, open, flexible texture resembling cheviot
or homespun, but more closely woven. It is made in either plain or twill weave and may have
a check or herringbone pattern. Subdued, interesting color effects are obtained by twisting
together differently coloured woolen strands into a two- or three-ply yarn

The origin of the word tweed is a corruption of the Scottish term tweel. It applies to a wide
variety of rough twilled woolen weaves and cloths used for suits, jackets and over-coats.

Flannel Wool

A woven, woolen fabric, most often used in suits and trousers. There are both woolen and
worsted flannels, the uses of which are dependent on the outcome required.


Worsted Wools

Fabrics are often spun using the worsted process. Worsted is a smooth compact woolen, spun
from the longer fibres, more than 65mm in staple length, of the fleece. It has a firm, smooth
finish, is strong, cool and hardwearing and can be lightweight. Primarily used for suits, jackets
and trousers.


Cotton is a soft, staple fiber that grows around the seeds of the cotton, a shrub native to
tropical and subtropical regions around the world, including India and Africa. The fiber most
often is spun into yarn or thread and used to make a soft, breathable textile, which is the most
widely used natural-fiber cloth in clothing today.

Egyptian cotton is extra long staple cotton produced in Egypt and favored for the luxury and
upmarket brands worldwide.


Thai Silk

Thai silk is produced from the cocoons of Thai silkworms. Thai weavers, mainly from the Khorat
Plateau in the northeast region of Thailand, raise the caterpillars on a steady diet of mulberry

Today, Thai silk is considered to be one of the finest fabrics in the world, a product of a unique
manufacturing process and bearing unique patterns and colors.


Linen is a material made from the fibers of the flax plant, which grows all over the
Mediterranean region. It is one of the earliest fibers to be made into string and cloth.It is not
as warm as wool, but it is much softer and more comfortable on the skin (after you wear it a
while; at first it is stiff and scratchy). Irish linen is the brand name given to linen produced in

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