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 Instyle Fashion Tailor : Tailoring Procedure

 The first appointment - choosing fabric and measuring


When ordering a fully bespoke suit you are measured in great detail taking into account all the detail of your posture.
You are measured by a bespoke cutter who has years of experience. He will need to see a picture of you in his mind whilst he analyses the measurements and creates a unique pattern for you. If necessary the cutter will take a picture of the client at the first appointment.

The suit is then hand cut to your specific size and then hand stitched but only up to the 'baste' stage.



Picture Tailoring

Chalking out the finished 
  pattern on to the fabric 

  This stage is what makes a bespoke suit bespoke.
If your tailor claims to be making you a bespoke suit but there
is no baste stage then it is not a bespoke suit. Without this
stage it can only be semi-bespoke or made to measure.

A baste is a half-made suit that is not properly finished and
only temporarily held together with white baste stitching.
This allows it to be easily taken apart and remade.

The basted garment has unfinished lapels, no buttons and no
buttonholes (see photo).

The basted garment 

  The second appointment - first fitting    
  At this stage you will have your first fitting and the cutter will
assess the accuracy of his measurements.

The basted suit is a blueprint or 'first draft' of the final version
and can be radically altered if necessary.
The cutter will make notes and usually chalk several marks on
the suit to see where the alterations are to be made

The fact that the suit is only basted together allows you the
opportunity to change the style if you wish. For example there
are no buttonholes on the baste jacket, so if you want to raise
or lower the buttoning position this is easily possible.
You also have the chance to narrow or widen the lapels or
shoulders if you wish.

These options would not be possible on a made to measure
or semi bespoke suit.



Hand stitching Picture

Hand stitching after the
baste stage


The third appointment - second fitting

At this point the suit will be at a more advanced stage of
tailoring and may be almost completely finished (depending on
the complexity of your shape).

The final adjustments will be marked up and then carried out
by the tailors.


garment Picture

At the second fitting the
garment is at a more
advanced stage.

  The fourth/final appointment - third fitting    

Depending on your shape, this may be your final fitting. If so
the cutter will check that the adjustments have been done
correctly and if you are happy with the suit you can take it

If further adjustments are necessary your suit will be returned
to the tailors until it is perfect. Cutters are perfectionists by
nature and a good cutter will not rest until the suit is perfect.

After all he has a reputation to protect.

This whole process involves 50 to 70 hours of manual work by
skilled craftsmen.

  Gentlemen Suits

A finished jacket



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